2022 Generic Walkin Light Rescue

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Custom Door opening animation,

Includes both 32 Siren compatibility and stock sirens,

Enterable Rear,

Breakable Windows,

Custom modkits items,

Custom made parts,

Fully equipped,

360 Degree Lighting,

Multi Livery Support,

Detailed interior / Exterior,

Working dials,

Custom template,

Custom Handling line,

Lighting Template,

Full LODs to L4,

Optimised YTD & +hi.YTD,

Working realistic flag,

Exterior Scene Lights not utilising sirens,

New FiveM Tos friendly,


Extra_1 = Front Scene Lights

Extra_2 = Interior Lights

Extra_3 = Exterior Lights,

Extra_4 = Reversing Camera Screen


Auto-Eject Colours,

Auto-Eject Display panel,


Chrome M4 Mounts,

Mirror turn signals,


Rambar Options,

Side Runners