2020 450 Water Monitor Brush Truck

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Core Features

  • Breakable Windows,
  • Custom modkits items,
  • Custom made parts,
  • Fully equipped,
  • 360 Degree Lighting,
  • Multi Livery Support,
  • Detailed interior / Exterior,
  • Realistic working mirrors,
  • Working dials,
  • Custom template,
  • Custom Handling line,
  • Lighting Template
  • Full LODs to L4
  • Optimised YTD & +hi.YTD
  • Reversing Camera Script




Extra_1 = Reversing Camera Toggle 

Modkits Included

Side Steps

Multiple Grill Options

Multiple Auto Eject Options


Multiple Dashcam Options

Alternative Rear Dominator Mount

Alternative Charging Status Model



(This is only a condensed version of the credits, full credits and purchased item credits can be found in full with the product download)

Original Base model:  GeorgieMoon

Video: Messy Hands

Pictures + Handling Line: TheHensonWood

Skins: Staples