2016 Multiuse 2500 Water Rescue Truck

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Non-ELS?: Yes

Templated?: Yes

Breakable Windows,
Custom named modkits,
Custom made parts,
Fully equipped,
360 Degree Lighting,
Multi Livery Support,
Detailed interior / Exterior,
Realistic working mirrors,
Working dials,
Custom template,
Custom Handling line,
Lighting Template

Extra_1 = Rear Storage Boxes
Extra_2 = Boat Holder + Rails
Extra_3 = Boat
Extra_4 = Dashcam
Extra_5 = Rear Camera Monitor
Extra_6 = Rear Camera Cover
Extra_7 = Interior Cabinet Lights
Extra_8 = Life Boys
Extra_9 = Scene Lights Mounts
Extra_10 = Scene Lights Right + Left
Extra_11 = Scene Lights Front + Back
Extra_12 = Boat Life Vests

Vehicles included

Dinghy + Kayak Trailer

Recommended Script
The boat, trailer and truck are set up in a way to work with Theebus boat trailer script found here. Please feel free to purchase this in addition to the vehicles to enhance the truck! 

A massive thank you to Theebu for the help with the script and allowing me to recommend it to you!

(This is only the special mentions, the rest of the credits are in the file)
Original Base model: Kane104
Video: Messy Hands
Pictures + Handling Line: TheHensonWoo
Skins: Staples